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5/10/2024 7:55 am  #1

Mothers Love

"Did you know that many of the breathtaking flowers gracing our gardens today trace their origins back to the ancestral gardens of China, brought to America during the gold rush era?Chinese laborers, seeking provisions for their endeavors, exchanged these floral treasures for basic necessities, enriching gardens across the nation. Behind the towering stone walls of ancient Chinese gardens lies a sanctuary of beauty, where generations have marveled at vibrant blooms offering tranquility and peace.Let us transcend borders and recognize that flowers not only bring peace but also nourish and shelter, embodying maternal love worldwide. Whether gifted today or generations ago, flowers serve as perennial reminders of love, appearing each spring.As the seasons renew, let us plant 'Forget-Me-Nots,' honoring the countless mothers who nurture and love. Just as a flower emerges from the soil, so too are we born to rise above, spreading kindness and compassion to all." CC 05/10/24 Swaphandmedowns.com  


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